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Der Virtuos, for solo piano and optional visuals (1987) - Timothy Kramer (December 2022)

View here!

Fantasietta with Interruptions on a Theme in F minor (2020) - Yehuda Yannay (November 2022)

View here!

Ten Hommages (2020-2021) - Yehuda Yannay (November 2022)

Excerpts: Sunny Patio Music (Hommage to Jon and Karin Welstead)

Ears Wide Open (Hommage to Stanley Kubrick and György Ligeti)

Do It (Hommage to Stephen Pevnick)

Moods - Ravello Records #8045 (November 2020***WEB CONTENT HERE***

Piano Music by Betty Wishart

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In Conclusion - Stas Venglevski (July 2020)

"In Conclusion" for bayan and piano by Yehuda Yannay

Martin Cover

Journeys - Ravello Records #7995 (September 2018) ***WEB CONTENT HERE***

Piano Music by Ed Martin

Piano Sonorities - Ravello Records #7929 (2016) ***WEB CONTENT HERE***

Piano Music by Betty Wishart

Selected New Reviews: Classical Nowhere, Fanfare, KathodikMainly Piano


Joseph Koykkar: Double Takes and Triple Plays - Ravello Records #7925 (2016) ***WEB CONTENT HERE***

     "Streets and Bridges" for solo piano

WS 2

 Wisconsin Soundscapes - Ravello Records #7903 (2015) ***WEB CONTENT HERE***

Music by Geoffrey Gordon, Joseph Koykkar, Ryan Maguire, Joel Naumann, Yehuda Yannay, Donald J. Young 

EAM 2013

Music From SEAMUS - Vol.22 (2013)

"Swirling Sky" for piano and electronic sounds, by Ed Martin

Here (and there)

Here (and there): music for piano and electronics - Innova Recordings #846 (2013)

Music by Brian Belet, Jim Fox, Jeff Herriott, Tom Lopez, Ed Martin, Phillip Schroeder

David Lefkowitz

David Lefkowitz: Music of Contradictions - Albany Records TROY 1247 (2011)

"The Fashionable Suite" for solo piano


Chroma: New Music for Piano - Capstone Records CPS 8810 (2009)

Music by Michael Angell, Alan Beeler, Brian Belet, Paul Epstein, Trent Hanna, Sanghee Lee, David Lefkowitz, C. James Sheppard, Laurence Sherr, Michael Glenn Williams, Betty Wishart


Sonance: New Music for Piano - Capstone Records CPS 8777 (2007)

Music by Wang An-Ming, Larry Barnes, J.C. Batzner, Clifton Callender, Michael Coleman, Jack Gallagher, Kent Holliday, Timothy Kramer, Paul Lombardi, Suzanne Sorkin, Michael Sidney Timpson


mélange: New Music for Piano - Capstone Records CPS 8755 (2006)

Music by Daniel Adams, John Blair, Pui-shan Cheung, Paul Dickinson, Arthur Gottschalk, Edward Knight, Andrian Pertout, John C. Ross, Phillip Schroeder, Craig Weston

Phillip Schroeder

Phillip Schroeder: Music For Piano - Capstone Records CPS 8742 (2004)


Phillip Schroeder

Phillip Schroeder: Songs of My Affinities - Capstone Records CPS 8726 (2003)


Other Audio Samples


Other non-released audio and video samples:

Audio: Giovanni Picchi - Toccata (live)

Audio: Yehuda Yannay - Bits into Pieces, mvmt 2, for piano and iPad (TC-11 app)

Video: Yehuda Yannay - Bits into Pieces for piano and iPad: Mvmt 1Mvmt 2; Mvmt 3; Mvmt 4

Video: Betty Wishart - Toccata II (live)

Video: Betty Wishart - Phantasmagoria (recording session outtake)

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